Will ACORN Be Held Accountable?

Watching On the Record tonight as Greta interviewed Scott Levenson, the national spokesperson for ACORN(spin doctor extraordinaire). Levenson appeared on the record now twice to defend ACRON’s “Get Out to Vote” initiative. In his first Interview with Jamie Colby Levenson had this to say….

“SCOTT LEVENSON, ACORN SPOKESMAN: Let’s talk about what the real story here is because it’s actually a great story. ACORN, along with Project Vote, registered 1.3 million folks over the last year. We saw record numbers of people interested and excited about this election in ways we never saw before. There are poor people and young people who are participating in this election in ways they never participated before. And that’s our mission. Our mission is to enfranchise the disenfranchised and empower the disempowered.”

If your like me, this kind of stuff turns your stomach. They know their guilty, we know their guilty, and yet it is clear that they are going to get away with it. How is that?

Well, when pressed by Greta about the rampant voter registration fraud in the second interview, Levenson responds and defends ACORN by saying…

“By law, we are required to turn over all registrations to the elections board….We do try to identify fraud registrations and bring them to the attention of the election board.”

Now I am sure there will investigations over this, but I see this as them hanging the guilt on those who are filling quotas for money. And even if they can manage to trace it back up to say the manager who sent them out, again the buck will stop there. ACORN its self is shielded from any serious prosecution that will make a difference.

The questions that should be asked here is in regards to their irresponsible procedures. The question should focus on the quota system as a whole and how irresponsible it is for them to use such a system that invites this kind of abuse and fraud.

These same problems have happened in the past, and it is negligence for ACORN to not have changed the system of filling vote registration quotas for pay. Those who are higher up in ACORN should be charged with gross negligence in that they allowed voter registration fraud to happen on large scale proportions and had foreknowledge this would happened due to historical patterns established in previous elections using the same voter registration for pay quota system.