In Order to Form a More Perfect Union

Something has been really bothering me of late. When I try to talk with anyone who is an Obama supporter and share some of my concerns regarding him, they just lose it and begin to go wacko on me. Its like they just freak out and the next thing I see is such an out pouring of hatred and anger or I get the dismissive attitude that anything I say doesn’t carry any weight. Normally I wouldn’t even give it a second thought if I was talking to some left-wing nut-job, but some of these people are people I have been friends with for years. And over those years have had many in-depth discussions about all aspects of life and there has always been shared between us a level of mutual admiration and respect.

So what is it that so many American’s see in Obama?

As I pondered this, it occurred to me that a powerful aspect of Obama’s appeal is linked to something very familiar here in America, and you could even say goes back to how this country was founded. What I am talking about is “Labor Unions”.

The birth of America was an act of forming a union and it is no coincident that our constitution begins with the words…” We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union…” The short version of the story which you all know was that the king was laying heavy taxes unfairly upon the new colonies until they had enough and said, “No More!” They tossed the Tea into the drink and well you know the rest. In a manner of speaking you could say those who established America were the first here to strike.

This country has a long history of Unions which rose up to fight against the oppression of the rich who used them for labor without heed to common decency. It is unfair to paint unions in a bad light because they wouldn’t even exist if those business owners would have treated workers in a fair manner. In many cases, unions are formed or started with just intentions. The idea of course is to form an alliance or collective body of strength that has labor value needed for businesses to function. By forming this collective alliance, business owners are forced to negotiate or run the risk of going out of business.

Now as you can imagine, most business owners do not like unions, and its safe to say that unions most of the time do not like or trust business owners. The conflicts that erupted sometimes got brutal and ugly. An example would be the business owner replacing the people with others. This often resulted in those striking to form lines and preventing physically others from being able to do work. Basically, “If we ain’t working here, no one else is either.” Strong arm tactics were used on both sides of the isle.

When a union is working correctly or when a business owner is running their business in a fair way, “A Good days work for an honest day pay.” is the result and everyone’s happy. But just as the business owners abused their power of employees, it didn’t take long for unions to learn that they could abuse the power they had as well. In this way unions extorted business owners and in many cases weakened the business so much that the whole business had to be shut down.

Now fast forward to the here and now. Look at the national stage as it is set. In general terms, you have Wall street which we are going to let represent the business owner and Main street represent labor. The government in this role takes on the role of union leadership and regulates the business owners to ensure labor get a fair shake.

What you have today is corruption on behalf of both the business owners and the union labor leadership. Labor is angry over the current unfairness it has had to endure from those on wall street, and because those who were suppose to be representing their interests have served their own interests by making secret deals with the business owners.

So now that we have a picture and all the players are in place and can fully understand why labor is angry, let’s look at the presidential election through that filter and see if things don’t make sense.

Each of the candidates are seeking to become the head of the labor union. To do that, each of them has to re-establish trust which is no easy tasks. Labor, or the American people, are listening to what each of these men are saying, doing and promising.

If I was forced to describe McCain’s approach, I would say his message to the angry people is, I have the experience, I know what needs to be done and who to hold accountable, I know how to ensure that you start getting a fair shake here, but we have to take care in that we don’t in our anger shut down the plant, because then everyone loses.

Obama’s approach is, elect me and I will bring change. I will get you better employee benefits, I will get you higher pay, I will make the business owners know that they can’t take us for granted and I will ensure that you are treated right.

This is why people who are Americans and who support Obama are buying into what he is saying. I don’t think they see it as a socialistic agenda as much as they identify with the labor union movement feeling that it brings. Obama recognizes this and is using it to his advantage.

They are on strike and anyone who tries to cross the line or support someone else is immediately attacked. To put it another way, America is on strike against those who have taken advantage of them.

There is a good reason why unions are not as popular or as powerful today as they once were. For me, Obama represents many of the things which are wrong with Unions and I believe that his ideas will lead to the whole company being shut down. In fact I have already written an article which shows why I believe the Market is still falling and it has everything to do with Obama leading in the polls and the promises he is making to main street, which are in turn threats to the wall street. (Why the Market is Still Falling)

He doesn’t have the experience or the ability to negotiate effectively a new deal. Being a union leader is one of the most difficult jobs to do. As he told Obama in the debate, you have to be able to walk softly and carry a big stick. McCain has a deep love for the people and the business owners respect him. Obama has done nothing except threaten the business owners. It may satisfy the anger itch many currently have to hear Obama say the things he does, but as far as being the right thing to do, it is universally stupid. Ask any Union person and they will tell you, they don’t want the plant to shut down because they need their job, they just want to be treated fairly and with respect in exchange for their hard work.

I think the above is a good way to understand “some of” Obama supporters. They have a union mentality more so than a socialist one and is why they embrace the type of change he represents because it has that Unionized feel to it.

That’s my take on it, what do you think?