Weighing in on Racism

I often contemplate certain words and their meaning, and I am often taken aback by how loosely or carelessly some words are used today. Racism is such a word, and I have never in my life ever taken the word lightly or its meaning. Too many people have suffered terrible things because of it. It is a terrible word, an awful word, a word that is meant to evoke power, righteous anger, shame, and other strong emotions when it is spoken. Lately its meaning has been so cheapened by reducing it to nothing more that a cheap political tactic.

When I was growing up, I was taught that racism was when people treated others wrongly by the color of their skin. It was when people of one race oppressed people of another race using power and control to treat them with contempt and disdain, and to consider their own selves to be superior by the color of their own skin.

The only two ways to combat racism is through education and also upholding the rule of law which allows everyone to have equal rights.. I am for both of these and it is why I feel the need to write about this, because there are serious consequences to accusing others of racism. There are consequences if the charges are true, and there are consequences if such charges are false.

What are the costs of falsely accusing others of racism?

• It causes anger to arise in people being unfairly accused. Regardless of who you are, no one wants to be unjustly accused of something they didn’t do.

• It causes division rather than unity of people between races.

• It can lead to escalation from words to lawless violence under the pretense of justice.

• It cheapens the legitimacy of those who have been truly oppressed by racism in the past, and will encourage others to turn a deaf ear to real cries of oppression and racism in the future.

Mr, Obama, it is not because you are a black man that I don’t like you and don’t want to see you become president. Its because you are willing to cheapen the past of your own people for selfish political gain. Its because you incite people to anger by unjustly accusing them of racism using stereotypes and blanket statements. Its because, though we as a country are not perfect, we have made a lot of progress and your reckless accusations of racism will seek to undo all that has been done. Like Ayers, your irresponsible actions can only lead to revolution where Americans of different races will be pitted against one another. The consequences of your false accusations of racism will not be measured “only” in the hurt and chaos it will bring today, it will measured by how many generations it will take for us to heal the wounds and rebuild trust.

People have a fundamental right to disagree with your economic plans, your healthcare plans, your education plans, and have the right to vote for someone else without being accused of being a racist.

There were many in my bloodline that died and shed their blood in America’s history so that slavery would be abolished in this land. All my life I have endeavored to never allow myself to treat poorly others because they are of a different race from me or think myself better than them. When I served for 8 years as a Marine, I served all Americans, not just the ones of my own race. How dare you and your cronies lay false guilt on me by calling me and others racist because we will not vote for you.

“As a man”, you have been weighed Sir, and have been found to be lacking Sir! It is your lack of character, not the color of your skin which makes you unfit and unqualified to be the next president of the United States.