Common Cents

As I sit here thinking over the debate that just took place, it is very clear that Obama has placed all of his eggs for his entire campaign into three simple baskets. Everything, and I mean everything, he has promised he will do rests upon these three simple things. We are going to look at them together so we can truly understand them, and then we are going to show how simple common sense can cut through the lies in such a way that resonates with all Americans and gut the Obama campaign.

First of all, for Obama to bring the change that he promises, he must be able to fund these changes. Tonight in the debate and in recent times past, Obama has put out there how he intends to pay or fund these changes and has used this effectively over and over to deflect attacks by McCain and Palin that he will raise taxes. In fact tonight he went so far as to say that how he plans to fund these needed changes will actually be a cut in spending.

What needs to be understood is that this explanation or tactic he puts forth resonates with people because it is easy to understand. You can argue all you want till the cows come home that it is a distortion of the truth, but as long as it continues to be successful in deflecting the tax increase attack, he will continue to use it. If you take it away, then he has noting to defend himself with and the blows will land as they should.

These are the three points Obama uses to deflect the “increase tax attack”:

1) I plan to pay for many of my purposed changes by taking troops out of Iraq and I plan to put that monthly 10 billion dollars to a better use.

2) I plan to give 95% of all Americans a tax cut by only increasing taxes for those who make more than $250,000 a year. They can afford it and they need to shoulder more of the burden then those just struggling to get by.

3) I plan to go through the Government budget and cross out any and all programs that that in my judgment no longer work. The money I save from this will help to cut spending and increase available funds to spend elsewhere.

Now, if you read those three points, if you are like me, there are a thousand things about socialism, wealth re-distribution, and on and on that you want to bring up in order to expose how wrong these are. The problem is, that has been done and still he is successful using it in deflecting any and all attacks. It almost seems that nothing seems to stick, and if you watch any of the talking shows you can see that hosts like Hannity is at his wits end wondering how on earth can he continue to get away with it and people can’t see it for what it is. There has even been talk starting that says this is very much like Clinton, and how nothing seemed to stick to him.

So how do you address these three clear points he uses to deflect attacks on how he will pay for everything? The answer is simple really.

  • Addressing the 10 billion dollars by removing soldiers from Iraq should have two clear responses.

    o First off, Obama cannot predict the future. There IS NO GUARANTEE that he will be able to remove troops from Iraq. By pointing this out you not only show his inexperience regarding responsible troop withdrawal, but you plant the seed of doubt that part of his plan to fund change is “uncertain”.

    o Secondly, Obama has said often in the same breath he plans to take troops out of Iraq and send them to Afghanistan because they are needed there. Simple raise the question, how then will you be able to spend that money, since it will have to now be rechanneled into the fight in Afghanistan? Maybe you don’t plan to send very many troops there? I mean he didn’t support the first surge, so why would he support a surge strategy in Afghanistan? The point is made however that he isn’t going to get to recoup that 10 billion dollar a month? Again you plant doubts of uncertainty about the funds that Obama claims he will use to fund his changes.

  • Addressing plan to give 95% tax cut to the middle class and increase taxes on those who make $250,000 or more a year. Again there are two simple points which should be said to expose the distortion of this so that it resonates with everyday Americans.

    o The first thing that needs to be pointed out is that even if you are not a believer of trickle down economics, you better wake up and realize that trickle down costs are a reality. Whenever you raise taxes on businesses, businesses never end up paying that tax increase. They simply increase the cost of products or services and Joe on main-street ends up paying for it through a higher cost of living. That means your milk prices go up, the cost of your eggs and bread, the cost of the cars you buy, CDs, cell phones etc… All of these products prices will go up so that the business man can cover his costs. What resonates is…”I don’t want that, that doesn’t sound good at all and doesn’t really help me in my day to day life. As a middle class person I don’t pay hardly any taxes anyway, but I sure will have to pay for an increase of products I buy everyday at the store.”

    o As a second point, you simply need to explain in a personal way why businesses go over seas. You put it to them this way, if you are a business person sitting on one side of the room and I come to you and tell you that if you sit here I am going to tax your business 45%. However, if you get up and walk across the room and sit over there, you are only going to be taxed 10%. As a business owner, are you going to sit there or are you going to get up and move over there? You see this makes it simple to understand for people, and then you add on to that, that is why businesses will either close or move and you can be sure that all of the jobs that belong to that business will go with it. Taxing businesses, will result in lost of jobs here and will send those jobs overseas. The connection is “Oh, I get it now, I understand. No I don’t want jobs going overseas. I want them to stay here in America where Americans can benefit from them.”

  • Address cutting the government programs which Obama believes no longer work.

    o What criteria will Obama use to determine if a government program is working or not working? Will he use his own judgment? If so, can we expect this to be the same type of judgment he used when he was the Chairman of the CAC and was given the responsibility of handing out over 50 Million dollars to help schools? Because he didn’t do that, instead he used the power of the money as leverage to force schools to work with radical organizations like Acron to teach kids radical left ideologies? What happened to that program Obama? What were the results? According to recent documents uncovered, it was found that after all that money had been spent, there was no improvement in school kids test scores.

    o I too have said I will cut spending and programs, but I have also promised to use bi-partisan efforts by having both sides sit at my table and help me work together to reduce government spending in a responsible and transparent way.

Summing it all up:

Come on Obama be honest with the American people. You can’t count on the money from pulling troops out of Iraq because you don’t know for sure if you can do that or not and even if you can pull troops out of Iraq, you said you are going to send them over to Afghanistan and the money will have to be spent there.

Come on Obama be honest with the American people. You can increase taxes on businesses and those who make over $250,000 a year, but it will only translate in people having to pay higher costs for products and services, and it will most certainly encourage businesses to go overseas and take American jobs with them.

Come on Obama be honest with the American people. To cut existing programs requires bi-partisan efforts. McCain (I) have promised to surround myself with people from both sides of the isle to work together to cut spending so that it can be done fairly and not behind closed doors in an arbitrary manner. That’s called transparency and working together. You have made no such promise, and to surround yourself with only people who share your partisan views is only a continuance of the same thing we have ahd in Washington for years.

When all is said and done, Mr. Obama, you are not going to get those funds your counting on to pay for all the promises you are making. Your tongue is cashing checks that the American people will have to pay for in the form of losing jobs and paying higher prices for products and services. A person who shows such a lack of poor judgment by not sitting down and thinking through the consequences of your economic policies, is the last person I want with a pen going through and arbitrarily cutting programs they don’t agree with. Your lack of experience and the exercise of poor judgment you have shown in the past as the Chairman of the CAC in my opinion disqualifies you from having that kind of unchecked power and influence.

When these simple answers are used, you gut Obama’s entire economic plan and expose the reality of how hallow and dangerous his economic policies are. But more than that, you do it in a simple and easy to understand way that will connect and resonate with those who are listening.