The Lost Issue of Education

There has recently been a great tug-o-war over the relationship of Obama and Ayers, and with good reason. However, as new information about this relationship has come to light, there have been some equally disturbing facts that have also surfaced. The one I am speaking about is about education and American’s getting to see exactly what Obama means when he talks about education reform.

Not much is known about Obama’s so called community organizing days except for generalizations that have attempted to downplay this time in Obama’s life. It has only been recently that we have actually been able to see some details of what he did as a community organizer and they are truly disturbing.

One of Obama’s only claim to executive experience, is being the Chairman of the CAC, which he received as an appointment by none other than Ayers. As the Chairman, he was given power in the form of over 50 million dollars, that he was to use in helping to reform the schools in the Chicago.

What did Obama do with this money?

He had 50 million dollars of opportunity that could have helped many kids to become better educated in subjects like math, science, and reading/writing. The kind of knowledge needed desperately by kids today if they want any chance of seeking bigger opportunities in which to improve themselves.

Instead of using that money to actually help kids become educated in needed subjects, he chose to use that money as leverage by giving it to radical organizations which resulted in schools having to work with them in order see any of that money.

Can we expect that Obama will use the office of presidency as a continuation of his days as the chairman of the CAC?

What exactly are Obama plans for education reform? He really hasn’t gone into any specifics about how he intends to implement his education reform agenda.

In this regard, McCain has distinguished himself clearly with many parents in America who are tired and fed up with the schools being use as a mean to teach their kids things they have no business teaching them. Perhaps we wouldn’t have such a large dropout rate if the time, energy, and money spent teaching liberal social agendas to kids was rechanneled into teaching them math, science, and how to read and write. McCain recognizes the problem and wants the type of education reform that empowers parents over their children’s education.

The kind of education reform Obama has employed in the past seeks only to empower organizations which teach children other value systems that are contrary to the parent’s value system and pit children against their parents. The organizations encourage children to embrace new liberal ideologies and to ignore or even rebel against their parent’s.

Sound familiar? It should, because this is taken exactly out of the Ayers philosophy play book. Ayers has been quoted in saying, “children should kill their parents”. Does anyone still think that Obama has not been deeply infected by the philosophies of those he has had relationships with in the past?

Let’s get two things straight. Obama is not guilty by association, he is guilty by participation. Obama didn’t work “with” Ayers, he worked “for” Ayers.

Obama, as he always does will say that he has never taught kids to rebel against their parents and such claims are just lies. Well Mr. Obama, you may be right in that you personally have never done that, but you have done something far far worse. You are the guy who worked the system to empower others to do it.

If this election is truly about issues, let me remind everyone that education is a key fundamental issue, and it is one that McCain can clearly distinguish himself form Obama by simply pointing out that he is for empowering the parents over the education of their children, unlike what Obama did as the chairman of the CAC.