Introducing Obama's Enemies List

As you may know, Sen. Barack Obama created an enemies list website called “Fight the Smears.” In true Nixonian style, this paranoid website includes a list of political enemies that are allegedly conducting a covert internet campaign against him. The information on the site is not only inaccurate, it does the very thing it is claiming to stop, namely smear campaigns.

Obama may aspire to be the next JFK but he is acting like Dick Nixon. His campaign is completely paranoid. Open and legitimate debate is labeled as smears and a host of issues and criticisms are marked as off limits.

So in the time honored tradition of taking a pejorative and adopting it with pride, Stop-Him-Now is inviting all Americans to join the “Obama’s Enemies list.”

After joining, individuals will receive a certificate confirming their membership and Stop-Him-Now.com will submit their names to the Obama campaign. After all, if Obama is going to make a list it ought to at least be accurate and up-to-date.

Sen. Obama may think he is shaming individuals by placing them on this list but we view it as a badge of honor. We invite you to do the same.