From the desk of JQ Taxpayer

JQ TaxpayerHuman Resource Manager, USA Corp

Weekly Personnel EvaluationCombined House of Reprsentatives and Senate

Henry PaulsonCame to a meeting very ill-prepared.He had only 3 pages of materials to bothpropose and support a proposal. Given the$700 billion request this was woefullyinadequate. Additionally, the confusioncaused was dramatic and the time requestedwas unreasonable.

Action Taken: Fired

Barney FrankContinues to be dispruptive and unableto focus on tasks at hand. Barney repeatedlysays discouraging remarks about his peersand his defensiveness is reducing not onlyhis productivity but everyone elses.

Action Taken: Fired

Nancy Pelosi and Harry ReidAfter repeated requests for job descriptionsnone have been received. No other staff members could name one thing productive thatthey’ve ever done. Their body language ina recent important meeting with high levelexecutives present was condecending andand immmature.

Action Taken:Ms. Pelosi – Demoted and put on WarningHarry Reid – Fired and replaced by Dick Smothers

Barak ObamaAs creator of ObamaBinLiden.com we hadhigh expectations for Mr. Obama during therecent financial crisis. While others wererushing to help, Mr. Obama phoned in and said”Call me if you need me.” It’s now obviousthat we can’t count on him to lead.

Action Taken: Denied request for promotion.

John McCainWe are happy to report that Mr McCain hasbeen everything we had hoped for. Duringa recent crisis he immediately realignedhis priorities, focused his efforts, andshowed great leadership capabilities.

Action Taken: Promoted to President

Sincerely,JQ Taxpayer

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