Amazing Idea to help solve the financial crisis

Reknowned economist Brian Wesbury just did an interview on the Dave Ramsey show 9/23 – 8pm Fox Business Network. I have been following every news program and have read volumes of web information on the bailout topic. While I’m no expert, this guy is and he has a tremendous idea to help solve this crisis – temporarily suspend mark to market accouting for the illiquid assets on bank books. The Government could provide some insurance to them at a fraction of the cost of the 700 billion bailout.

I know Senator McCain hates this $700 billion bailout bill with a passion. I would love to see him take the lead here and bring this guy to testify before congress. People want to see maverick? This would shut this entire debacle down in a heartbeat and show that McCain knows how to bring the right people in to do the right job.

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