A Replay of Chicken Little.....

I did not arise at 4am to watch the Royal Wedding because I knew that it would be replayed throughout the day. What I have watched, I think we can learn a very valuable lesson. Respect. I have to say I was amazed at the amount of respect that each one of the well-wishers portrayed as they ushered in to Buckingham Palace. This crowd was unbelievably respectful of the officers that held the line, knowing that these officers were unarmed, and outnumbered. It shows a true and undeniable love of country, and a level of respect that there is no comparison.

After watching, I have to wonder what has happened to respect and love of the red, white and blue. We aren’t seeing much of it these days, and have to wonder if it is only going to get worse as inflation gains momentum, unemployment rises, lack of leadership from our President, and a Congress that doesn’t act on the voice of the voters.

When there are plans for a sticker campaign against American corporations to attempt to bully people not to buy their products. Not only is this vandalism, but a complete and utter disrespect of freedom, for these corporations to make their own choices. And for the people that buy those products must wonder what the repercussions will be if they purchase one of the stickered items.

Maybe the President should take notice. We are supposed to be teaching our children that bullying is unacceptable. But why should he, when members of his own administration are using bullying tactics. When you have Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner preaching that if the debt-ceiling is not raised by July 8th that the sky is going to fall in the form of the United States of America is going to default. What better scare tactic then to put into the minds of the nation that unless we borrow even more money, then the United States will be in complete financial ruin on July 8th.

Sorry, but the sky is not going to fall on July 8th. The United States Treasury takes in approximately 177 Billion dollars per month. The interest on the debt is approximately 19 Billion dollars. After the interest on the debt is paid, that leaves approximately 158 Billion dollars per month in the United States Treasury. Now comes the hard part. Prioritization. As it stands, right now, the Federal Government spends another 276 Billion dollars per month, after it pays the interest on the nations debt. That would leave about 118 Billion dollars that would need to be borrowed per month at the current rate of spending.

Quite hard to wrap your brain around. What’s even more inconceivable is that the President doesn’t see a problem with this. His answer is to raise the debt-ceiling, and then we’ll talk about cuts in spending, and fly’s off to tape the Oprah show.

When is Congress going to get serious? When is Congress going to listen to the American people that 70% believe that our country is headed in the wrong direction…..

Amy Jo