A Resurrection of Spirit...

In the latest Rasmussen poll that came out yesterday, 70% of Americans believe that United States is on the wrong track.

Is this a sign that Americans have lost their spirit? And why wouldn’t they?

With unemployment over 8% nationally, when economists estimate that it is more realistically around 19%. That only one out of every two home mortgages, the homeowner actually has equity in their home. Rising prices on food and fuel, and now instead of $5 per gallon by Memorial Day, don’t be surprised at $6, because it has already reached the $5 mark in many US cities. A President that is more worried about being on the campaign trail, then leading this country. I could keep going, but I think that is depressing enough.

I believe that this is a sign that the American Spirit is stronger than ever. America is saying it is sick and tired of the lack of leadership from the White House. That Americans are realizing that they were duped in the 2008 election.

That this is a sign that Americans are resilient, hard working, survivors and still believe that the American Dream is possible. A clear message for a change of course, and a one term presidency.

As Ronald Reagan said on March 2, 1984:

The difference between the path toward greater freedom or bigger government is the difference between success and failure; between opportunity and coercion; between faith in a glorious future and fear of mediocrity and despair; between respecting people as adults, each with a spark of greatness, and treating them as helpless children to be forever dependent; between a drab, materialistic world where Big Brother rules by promises to special interest groups, and a world of adventure where everyday people set their sights on impossible dreams, distant stars, and the Kingdom of God. We have the true message of hope for America”.

Happy Easter…..

Amy Jo