Rising Prices....

Anyone that has made a trip to the local grocery store recently knows they are paying more at the checkout.

We are paying more at the pump, and lets not forget we are coming upon the customary “summer season”, where we see our annual rise at the pump because of a rise in demand. There are some estimates that we will see $ 5 per gallon by Memorial Day, it’s not going to take that long, and once it gets there, that “fictional” number, there is no going back.

If you have been to the local grain store to pick up that bag of chicken, rabbit, alpaca or horse grain. Be prepared to pay more, and at the rate it is rising, you can plan to add your daughters pet rabbit in the backyard as a line item in your personal household monthly budget.

Is this the trickle down effect? Where does it start? What is one of the things that is related to each and every one of these items that prices are rising at impact speed? And no sign of reversing?

Corn. Does this surprise anyone?

Corn has doubled in price and continues to rise. The majority of corn production in the United States no longer goes to food production, it goes to ethanol. The United States even exports more corn than it uses for domestic food production.

So with spring upon us, take some serious time to think about that backyard garden, a few chickens, and start to prepare to make up the difference in rising prices.

It’s a vicious cycle when you follow the green laden road and think about the impact that an ear of corn has on your wallet. That one ear of corn effects the price of the meat you eat, the milk you drink, the gas you put in your tank, the cereal that you poured in the bowl for breakfast this morning, and it doesn’t end there.

When are we going to say enough is enough, and want to feed our families for a reasonable price from domestic food production, first, and going into the tanks of NASCAR second.

Without serious cuts in spending and getting our economy back on track, the increases we are seeing at the stores now are going to be minimal compared to what they will be when all out inflation strikes. Get ready for the $ 10 gallon of milk…

Amy Jo