Congress...."this is your sign"....

Watching the news over the weekend, with the devastating storms that ripped through several states, the tragic loss. Our thoughts and prayers.

Today is Patriot’s Day in Maine. The “new” Tax Day. Patriot’s day is not the reason for the change in our annual Tax Day this year. It was changed for a holiday that actually fell last Saturday in Washington, DC. Still don’t quite understand the logic of changing the filing deadline of our tax dollars, that our government needs, for a holiday that falls the day after the eagle has landed.

There was a very quiet victory this week for our nation. Not much media coverage, no debates that I saw on the news or cable news networks, that National Prayer Day, is constitutional. A day that has been set aside since the Second Continental Congress, on July 20, 1775, “a day of public humiliation, fasting and prayer, asking guidance and wisdom for the troubled times ahead”. A day that was chosen annually by the President, until 1988 when it was set to the first Thursday in May by Congress.

Congratulations America, one of your rights has been returned. Choice. Nowhere does it say that you have to pray on National Prayer Day, you have the choice to partake or decline.

America, we need all the help we can get. National Prayer Day is going to closely coincide with the vote to raise the debt ceiling. I hope each and every member of Congress is “asking for guidance and wisdom for the troubled times ahead”, and votes NO to raising the debt ceiling and accumulating additional debt.

This morning the S & P has down graded the long term outlook of our nations debt to negative from stable, although we still have a “AAA” credit rating, because the bills are still being paid, but the stock market is dropping like a rock this morning. The world is taking notice that the American financial house is in serious trouble, and our Federal Government is doing very little about it to reverse the direction that is leading straight to bankruptcy.

At what point, is Congress and our President, going to take this seriously? At what point is the left going to realize that raising taxes on the rich is not going to solve the problem. I often wonder if this “solution” to our debt crisis is based in envy. That these top 1% of Americans have figured it out. They know how to be fiscally responsible and don’t have a debt problem. Instead of trying to penalize these citizens, a novel idea might be to ask their advice….

Congress, “this is your sign”.

Amy Jo