Obama picks Joe Biden as his running mate.

If I hadn’t seen it on more than 1 news service, I’d have thought it was someone’s joke. Obama has chosed Senator Joe Biden as his running mate. Joe Biden – the guy who, not a year ago, said Obama wasn’t ready to serve as President. The Joe Biden who said Obama’s foreign policy judgement stunk. The Joe Biden who said he’d rather stay in his committee than be anyone’s vice president.Well, it’s sunk in now that the Obama campaign wasn’t kidding when they announced Joe Biden as Obama’s running mate. I cannot understand it, not from any angle. Biden’s got Senatorial baggage dating back to before McCain’s election to that body and more goofs and slip-ups than you can shake a stick at. But, hey, I’m not going to let my bewilderment at Obama’s judgement (ha!) keep me from commenting on his choice. Let’s have a look, shall we?

  • Barack Obama has selected a running-mate who doesn’t believe he is ready to be President.
  • Joe Biden has been the leading critic of Barack Obama’s foreign policy.
  • Joe Biden criticized Barack Obama for trying to legislate failure and voting to cut off support for our military men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Joe Biden has voiced more support for John McCain’s foreign policy than he has Barack Obama’s. Joe Biden praised John McCain’s foreign policy leadership and John McCain’s early call for sending more troops to Iraq. Joe Biden even said he would be honored to run with John McCain on a presidential ticket.
  • Barack Obama decries Washington insiders and detests lobbyists, but Joe Biden is the model Washington insider with numerous connections to lobbyists
  • Barack Obama and Joe Biden say they will only tax the “rich,” but in the United States Senate, both voted for the largest tax increases in American history and voted to tax those making just $42,000 a year.
  • Both Joe Biden and Barack Obama say they want energy independence, but they oppose new offshore drilling and nuclear power. Both support increasing taxes on oil that will only lead to higher gas prices.

This would also put a stake in the heart of Obama’s “Change” meme. Biden’s a poster child of more-of-the-same government that’s given you the most do-nothing Congress in living memory. And if Obama thinks McCain’s too old to be a leader, why’s he chosen an old man to run with on the ticket?

If this doesn’t convince you that Obama’s judgement is way too flakey to be the man in charge, you’re just not wanting to be convinced. Look closer, learn more, then decide rationally.