We're all gonna die!

Run for the hills folks. We have done it now. Mr. Friedman’s crystal ball sees nothing but carnage in our children’s future. I must admit agreeing with him in the past on some of his thoughts concerning the globalization of our economy. However, this piece is begging for some historical perspective and an anti-anxiety medication prescription. If you don’t want to take the time, I’ll sum it all up for you: We’re all gonna die (at least the grandkids will anyway thanks to you unfeeling jerks who won’t support cap and trade/greening efforts).

The only thing I would ask him, and anyone else wringing their hands over all of this, to do is do a quick Google search by typing in “the coming ice age”. We will then enjoy watching you do your best Sammy Davis Jr.-like tap dance in another article. If anyone out there has a link to such a dance I would like to see it. It must exist or else the new doomsayers are counting on our short memories and lack of genuine interest in research and proofs beneath the politics. How can anyone dismiss the contradiction here? Is there an article/study by a respected member of the scientific community (how are we to quantify that one when so many are quick to dismiss credentials these days?) that addresses what the group used to think vs. what they think now?

We see what we want to see. As I have stated in other posts, if you don’t think we put a man on the moon, enough has been written that would prove that point to the casual observer.

Comments are welcome of course. It furthers my education. I am not a leftie troll trying to track mud into RedState.com. I just want to talk about ideas.