More Dangerous Than a Military Experiment in Equality

A just war is always about winning (even if the Left believes kumbaya with an enemy is preferable) and winning in war is always about real estate.  It is also a truism (regardless of whether or not a Commander-in-chief has the stomach for it) that gaining territory in order to secure the win always, outside of using weapons of mass destruction for depraved annihilation of a people, ultimately requires hands-on ground combat.

The relationships between soldiering, real estate and winning are important for understanding the purpose, operation and environment of the military.  In the same way as any other organization, why something exists drives how it functions and how it functions drives its internal environment.  Ultimately, the military exists for the purpose of fighting wars and projecting defensive power.  In order to do that, everything it does internally must promote the making of warriors – training, discipline, support and mission.

All of these most basic realities seem to be totally lost on President Obama, Ash Carter and others of like mind.  There is no reason for their mindset to be a surprise.  As the president and his subordinates have demonstrated time and time again from every possible angle, they consider the United States to be an arrogant, overbearing, colonialist power guilty of continual domestic crimes of its own.  The military, in this deluded view, is the spear tip of the problem.

In February, during testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee, the Commandant of the Marine Corps and the Chief of Staff for the Army advocated drafting women.  Their willingness to cross that threshold witnesses to how deeply the military’s identity has been corrupted.  It makes one wonder when, if ever, either one of the generals experienced combat like Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer.  This is how he describes it:

“I pawed at the ground with my right hand and found a rock the size of a baseball.  I clutched it and swung blindly at his face.”  “I pushed off his chest, lifted the rock…and smashed it down like a hammer,…”  “I drew back my arm and drove the stone down crushing his left cheekbone.”  “[Another] blow caved in the left side of his forehead.”

Meyer’s fight could be described a number of ways but it most definitely did not fit justifications for putting any woman in that fight.  His fight was not a “job opportunity”, a “career move”, a successful integration of “gender equality”, or an opportunity to “adjust the culture and grow individual skills” as supporters of female combat claim.  It was combat on the front lines, combat that all infantry soldiers and Marines are expected to rush into if necessary, no matter how big, how determined or how psychopathic the opponent might be.  If our soldier happens to have 50% less muscle mass, a thinner skull, a weaker neck, less lung capacity, smaller and less dense bones, weighs 130 pounds and presents a biology that the enemy would love to toy with, well, so much the better for the enemy.  It is one thing to get through tough training and quite another to win against a 220 pound raging zealot who would love to present you as a trophy to his buddies.

In their fanatic drive to create a “gender-neutral” military, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter and Barack Obama have, thus far, successfully imposed egalitarianism instead of equality in the armed forces.  They have worked hard to make the military live out their personal ideological delusions that a woman must function like a man on a battlefield in order to be as valuable as him – even if her unit’s mission suffers and she ends up needlessly battered and dead.  Neither man has the power or authority to transform America into the socialist utopia of their dreams but they have both assumed the power and authority to do so, at least temporarily, over those whose sole purpose used to be our preservation.

It is profoundly distressing that, in seven short years, the United States of America could have been so effectively led to squander the sacrifices of those who fought to win against terror and oppression.  We are witnessing a new emasculation of the military, transforming it into a tool of culture rather than a weapon of just war and guardian of our security.  Too many in America seem to have been swooned into a naïve belief that we can afford to play ideological roulette with our military.

The issue of putting women in combat roles, let alone registering for a draft, is more dangerous than just some military experiment in equality.  While we participate in an inane gamesmanship with an enemy who doesn’t play games, we prepare to send wives, daughters and sisters into a fray with fanatics who thirst for the blood of “infidels” and lust after total unconditional domination.