Trumps, Wolves and Hirelings Are Not the Only Answer

December 18th was a red letter day for Congress and the American people.  It was red letter in the positive sense for Democrats and “para-Democrats” (compliant paranoid Republicans) because they finalized a budget gift to Barack Obama and then ran for home.  Chuck Schumer bragged that the deal “…pass[ed] the test of Democrats’ values with flying colors and fit the framework we laid out years ago”.  It was also a red letter day negatively for Americans.  The hemorrhaging of their future worsened yet again with the addition of another $57.6 billions of debt and more life-draining tears in their cultural/moral flesh.

The omnibus budget deal is much more than a manipulation of money.  It is a central power in the Left’s battle to transform the only massively successful free market representative republic in all of history into an amoral version of utopia.  Congress was designed to stand watch for and protect the People from such attacks, especially if it originated in the treacheries of authoritarian courts, corrupt presidencies and assaults within itself.  The power of the purse was to be its last best weapon.  It takes unyielding convictions and unbreakable spines for such leadership.

The omnibus has demonstrated the fact that we have precious few men and women who recognize God’s demand of those in authority to defend basic human life, liberty and property or who have the courage of their professed convictions.  The same condemnation is applicable to the Republican majorities in Congress.

Republicans hold a 54 seat majority in the House, but out of the 246 only 95 stood strong.  The GOP has a 54 seat majority in the senate but less than half of them preserved the values that put them in office.  Those pathetic numbers looked even worse in Michigan where 15 men and women defected and Justin Amash did the right thing by himself by being the only no vote.

2016 will now use your money for all the wrong things.  Planned Parenthood (PPA) and its affiliates will be subsidized by tax revenues to the tune of about $1,700 per infant killed – this after horrific video exposés.  Last year our government increased its funding of PPA by a whopping $25.3 million.

Immigration abuses will continue as well.  The new budget fully funds work permits, tax credits and federal entitlement benefits to illegal aliens.  Sanctuary cities will receive all their usual federal grants in spite of harboring fugitives and criminals in blatant violation of federal law.  While 23,000 children and family units crossed the Rio Grande River during October and November, the cap on low-wage immigrants has been tripled from 66,000 to 264,000 and preserves funding to all of the president’s Mideast immigration programs.

Those are just two of the most significant items.  The 1993 “Schumer Provision” which denies Second Amendment relief for citizens with “firearms disabilities” stayed in place.  Conscience protections for First Amendment rights of speech and religion are non-existent.  Regulator government also will continue unabated.  In spite of all their abuses of power, the Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Communications Commission, Internal Revenue Service and Bureau of Land Management will not only dodge accountability and operate with normal funding, but in some cases will get substantial increases.

All of this exemplifies the difference between imposing an elitist morality through taxation without representation as opposed to constitutional rule by the People.  Rulers are like wolves that forcibly take the sustenance of others with no regard for the will of others.  Leaders are more like shepherds that would sacrifice themselves for the good of their flock.  Then there are those that Jesus referred to as “hirelings”.  Hirelings are given the job to shepherd but flee when things get dangerous.

It is no surprise that a man like Donald Trump is sucking the air out of the Republican party and that the wolves and hirelings just don’t get it.  But Trumps, wolves and hirelings are not the only answer.  TEA party Americans could still bring down sold-out Republicans if they could find their original fire again.  But Rev. Franklin Graham has it right.  He has dissolved his relationship with the Republican party, not to bolt to the other side, but, in a 50-state campaign, to hold self-styled rulers to account by calling the nation to prayer before the King of the universe.