1509 Parenthood Is Not About Selling Children’s Body Parts

From one perspective, it all makes perfect sense. It all depends on where you begin – literally.

According to our contemporary master, science, human beings are, in the final analysis, accidents of nature. Or, if not accidents, at most, we are top-of-the-line bipods whom the processes of nature have guided to evolutionary supremacy. This is basic post-elementary school doctrine taught by government mandate in every obedient public education venue.

The unavoidable rational conclusion required by this largely unquestioned orthodoxy is that if there is such a thing as a soul or spirit, it has no practical purpose or value. A person’s value rests in his or her flesh and nothing else. The idea of a fleshless something would, according to moderns, act only as a religious (small “r”) or spiritual (mystically speaking) emotional security blanket, some would say crutch.

By these principles, inculcated in everyone above the age of nine for the last four generations or so and accepted as unquestionable “truth”, Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s (PPFA) sale of pieces and corpses of aborted babies for “research” is really no big deal. How could it be a moral problem? A pound of flesh, no matter its origin, its complexity or how it acquired “life” is, in the end, still simply a pound of discarded flesh.

Thanks to the apathetic initial response of the mass media, with the notable exception of Fox News, 50% of Americans are totally unaware of the most recent abortion revelations by The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) and the resulting outrage. On July 14th, CMP released the first of what will eventually be a dozen undercover videos. As of August 25th, eight were posted with full length unedited versions available online for the public.

It was predictable that after being exposed, PPFA would first cover the carnage by claiming to be the last best hope for disadvantaged women. For the record, there are about 13,500 non-Planned Parenthood clinics without abortion services in the United States compared to only 700 PPFA clinics. 9,000 of those clinics qualify for federal funds. There are also approximately 8,000 mammography centers nationwide compared to zero mammography services from Planned Parenthood. PPFA does just shy of 1 abortion for every single Pap test done. Imagine what your $500 million tax dollar could do for women and children elsewhere.

Planned Parenthood is now claiming that abortions are only 1% of all the procedures they provide – as if over 3,200 dead children is an acceptable annual sacrifice. That may be technically true if an entire abortion visit is counted as one line item compared to a simple pregnancy test or the distribution of a birth control pill or a check for sexually transmitted disease.

The real impact of the demand for pieces of babies is better understood by looking at a Planned Parenthood facility like the Houston texas clinic. Former Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s investigation provides perspective. At the time of his testimony before the Texas State Legislature (29 July 2015), Houston Planned Parenthood produced about 260 pounds of baby flesh per week. That one clinic, by itself, trashed or sold over 6.5 tons, yes tons, of human infant flesh every year. Is it any wonder that abortionists fight any requirement for their clinics to meet standard urgent care clinical standards. Is it really so strange that PPFA battles against any regulation which requires every mother to see what she is carrying before she gets rid of it.

If the picture so far doesn’t make you angry or sick, spend a few hours watching a couple of CMP’s undercover videos. Take time to read Dr. Theresa Deisher’s description of what it takes to “procure” a fresh heart for research while it can still beat.

Establishment Republicans such as House Speaker [mc_name name=’Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’B000589′ ] and Senate Majority Leader [mc_name name=’Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’M000355′ ] are almost useless in the fight for the unborn. Even while their constituents and genuine conservative colleagues demand action, they are wheeling and dealing. They seem terrified of a government appropriations battle in spite of the barbarity that CMP has exposed.

No organization, for-profit or non-profit, which has anything to do with morbid practices like those of PPFA should get away with spending our money to terminate human beings in the name of science. Planned Parenthood needs to be accountable for deceiving its clients into believing they have anything to do with parenting. Parenthood is not about selling pieces of another woman’s child.

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