Eating Our Young Is Not The Answer

Now come the calls from the Republican faithful to “clean house”. Well, my conservative colleagues, I think that just happened. Now starts the finger pointing. McCain stinks! Palin is an idiot! The campaign staffers are disloyal louts! Blah-blah-blah. McCain is a great American. Palin may be the future of the party. Campaign staffers are just temporary employees, and McCain’s are currently out of a job. Of course, there is great disappointment, regret and second guessing. None of which is truly helpful. A good, honest, unbiased assessment of lessons learned is absolutely required, if we are to benefit at all from the errors of this campaign.

Let’s review. In the past two elections, Republicans were upset with their own party for being too “democrat” in their policies. We said, “too much spending”; “Bush hasn’t vetoed anything”; “there are signs of corruption within the party”. All true. What did we do about it? We campaigned against incumbents and lost the Congressional majority. Wow – we really showed ’em, didn’t we! Did we? As a nation, we have had two years of Democrat rule in Congress and absolutely NOTHING has been accomplished. Oh, yes, the financial economic house of cards collapsed and the MSM laid the entire mess at the feet of the Republican President. And too, we have given away the White House.

So, for the past two days, what do I see on the conservative blogs? We need to “clean house”. Throw the bums out! We need all new Republicans, this is a bad batch. How soon we forget. We tried this before and look where it’s gotten us. As conservatives, we need to do a few things to get back this country. First, we need to unite and support the Republicans that remain in office. Write them, email them, tell them what you think and show your support. Secondly, pray that Obama is so overcome with the awesome responsibility he now has, that he at least acts “presidential”. Third, rebuild. Find real, solid, conservative organizations like; Judicial Watch, The Heritage Foundation and even the NRA. They often provide easy ways to be involved in conservative causes. Get involved, stay involved and don’t loose heart. The people of America still have the power. Over 55-million of us voted for the Republican presidential ticket. Now, we need to unite, more than ever, to preserve the freedoms we so profoundly fear losing.