Is Fox News Going Lib?

As if they weren’t biased enough the night of the last Presidential debate, Juan Williams is waxing poetic on FNC Sunday night, singing the praises of his favorite candidate, B.O. Is it becuase Juan is a person “of color”? Maybe, maybe not. But all day, this Sunday, Fox has had much more coverage of the Dem side, with no dissenting opinion from the Rep. side. Don’t worry, I have let FNC know about it. (as if they cared). They are obsessed with what is wrong in and with the McCain campaign. They keep asking, “is Palin more of a drag” on McCain than a benefit”. What’s up with this? They are not asking if Biden is a drag on Obama. I think we need to face the facts. Over 80% of journalists claim to be liberals. Well, all of the conservatives can not be on Fox. The Fox ditz with the runaway mouth, Julie Bandaras made a statement today that the reported (West) who had Biden on the ropes asking about Obama’s Marxist leanings, was “unprofessional”. Why? For finally asking a pertinent, pointed question? Biden couldn’t take it. He went crying like a baby to his campaign. Geraldo Rivera, Saturday night, was going all coy about his choice for President. He is an obvious lib and a joke as a journalist. He should go back to being a community activist. Bill Kristol actually defended Sarah Palin tonight, saying that she was not responsible for the high-dollar wardrobe. Well, this is a crucial issue, is it not? Britt Hume, well, he really let the cat out of the bag, stating that “the news media tends to support Democrats”. Really, Britt? What a revelation. I am so happy we have these learned, unbiased professionals feeding us the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help us God. So, help us God, please.

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