Obama Ads Bogus: Big Surprise!

“Fast Eddie Rendell”, PA’s leading Democrat, is “warning” voters about John McCain’s economics plans, which include reducing Medicare and SS benefits. The Obama campaign is running ads touting the same McCain assault on these popular entitlements. Problem is, this allegations are false. FactCheck.Org asserts that there is nothing to these ads. By the by, FactCheck is hardly unbiased. They lean to the left, just enough to show. In fact, Obama wants to rebate “payroll taxes”, aka Social Security taxes, which means he will accelerate the depletion of funds available to pay seniors their monthly SS benefit. It is Obama’s plan that will finally sink Social Security.

So, in PA, where Obama “supposedly” enjoys a double-digit lead, is Rendell making false statements about McCain’s economic plan? Why has Rendell asked Obama to return to PA for more rallies, if BO is so far in the lead? It would seem that Democrat internal polls has shown that PA is much closer than the national pollsters believe. So, in typical Democrat fashion, if you can not attack with the facts, just make it up.

This attack on McCain is insidious, not just for the fallacy of it, but because it is aimed squarely at the elderly. These are people who not only deserve to hear the truth about both candidates, but are the most vulnerable, physically and emotionally. It is really sickening that the liberals (uber-compassionate as they are)have no problem scaring and upsetting seniors, for no reason.

The end of this campaign season can come none too soon. This past few months has brought out the worst in the natures of Americans. I salute those of who (blogger maniacs) who have managed to maintain the high road in the face of the liberal assault. It has not been easy. You will be rewarded for your grace. If not in this life, then certainly, in the next.

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