Trump vs. Hillary: The Silver Lining

Thinking American Patriots would agree that the primary problem we face as a nation is an unconstitutional, overreaching, overspending, over-regulating Federal government.

The causes of the this problem are many, but I think they can be boiled down to one: corruption. More specifically the corrupt moral character of individual voters who now support the idea of using the government to trample on the life, liberty and property rights of their neighbors for their own gain. The old American citizen thought this was repulsive. The new American citizen, free of those moral chains of the old thinking now has no problem with it.

Yes, there is the corruption of the government officials themselves (at all levels) who go along with the new citizen’s desires and the corrupt educational system that doesn’t teach the truth about anything and the corrupt businesses who institutionally do the same thing the new citizen is doing, but in all cases, there are individuals making corrupt decisions.

With Trump vs. Clinton, we now see with glaring clarity corruption personified. Really, how could it be made more clear to us where we are as a nation. These two characters have engaged in pretty much every unsavory behavior you can think of. They are now competing, in a dumpster-fiery race to the bottom, to see which version of corruption the new America thinks represents it the best or at least which version the fewest don’t want to be represented by.

How, you ask, is there a positive side to this?

There are two possibilities:

One is that we might see this race as a look in the mirror, turn from our corruption and be reformed. This is the best-case response. Unfortunately, it is the least likely to occur.

The other is that the Federal Government is de-legitimized. Think about it for a minute. After one of these 2 wins, the office of President will take a major step backward in prestige. Direction coming out of that office will be looked upon more skeptically  than ever before. This attitude could (and should) spread to the edicts from other branches of the Federal Government (Judicial, legislative and the bureaucratic agencies). I think this change in attitude is very likely. Now, this kind of change in attitude can lead to one of 2 places: Anarchistic Libertarianism or Conservative Federalism. Conservative Federalism leads us back to the constitutionally limited Federal Government we are looking for.

Our focus needs to be on channeling in a positive direction; namely – Conservative Federalism. This requires hard work, education and a restoration of the value of virtue. Anarchistic Libertarianism leads back eventually to the centralized, authoritarian system we are already trending toward.