Pros and Cons of the Caucuses from an Iowa Caucus Chair

PRO: Being an Iowa GOP county chair during caucus time is a great way to get insider access to the campaigns. I met the Cruz’s (including Cruz Sr.) and introduced Heidi at an event. I met Bobby Jindal and spoke with him one on one for almost an hour. I met Mike Huckabee as well.

CON: Its a TON of work. The Iowa caucuses are not like a primary where your county and state election officials organize and execute the whole thing. This is 100% party volunteers. We have to find locations, volunteers, organize, document and execute. That includes set up, tear down, clean up, advertising, rule making – EVERYTHING.

PRO: Ted Cruz won! At my caucus, Cruz got more than twice the votes of any other candidate. Could be my awesome Ted Cruz speech which RedStater’s helped edit. Here it is:

I know some of you have come here tonight with Ted Cruz as your second or third choice. And I know that there are other good candidates. At previous caucuses, I cast my vote for candidates that I thought were best, ignoring the endorsements of the conservative leaders we trust, like Steve King and Bob Vander Plaats and others. By doing so, I failed to help propel the good candidates who could actually win out of the caucuses with the momentum they needed. In close contests like last time, being unified is critical. I should have recognized that my stubbornness would cost us precious momentum. I hope you can learn from my mistakes. 

I ask you tonight to judge the candidates by their fruits. That is, what they have and have not done.

Ted Cruz has not held pro abortion positions in the past and then become silent about when running for president. Ted Cruz has not been for same sex marriage in the past and then become silent about it when running for president. Ted Cruz has not criticized others for being too anti-immigrant and then changed his position when running for president. Ted Cruz has not benefited from eminent domain. Ted Cruz has not donated to the campaigns of democrats to win their favor. Ted Cruz has not been in favor of gun control and then changed his position when running for president. Ted Cruz has not supported government run health care and then changed his position when running for president. Ted Cruz has not stood on the sidelines when members of his party were interested in making corrupt deals and going against their campaign promises. Ted Cruz has not signed or voted for tax increases. Ted Cruz has not helped author bills that would overwhelm our borders with more job stealing, culture diluting illegal immigration.

Other candidates in this race have.

What has Ted Cruz done?

Ted Cruz has consistently been pro-life, pro-family, pro-biblical marriage, pro-second amendment and pro 10th amendment. He has fought against government intrusion into health care. He has fought against those in his own party who have abandoned their campaign promises on taxes, spending, executive overreach and illegal immigration. He has fought to roll back oppressive regulations. He has promised to eliminate the blend wall to open the free market for ethanol. He has promised to give the same tax treatment to all and eliminate the special exemptions and credits that pit factions and industries against each other. He has not gone along to get along in a corrupt Washington D.C. He has been tested and been rock-solid. He has proven his allegiance to the constitution.

Finally, he has put together a national campaign organization that can win the nomination. Other good candidates have not. We cannot afford to send a winner out of Iowa that cannot go the distance. Senator Cruz can go the distance.

If Senator Cruz was not your first choice coming into caucus tonight, I urge you to reconsider. By uniting behind Senator Cruz we can send a strong message to the D.C. establishment and send him into the primaries with the momentum he needs to win for the cause of conservative American principles.

CON: Good speeches were also given for Ben Carson and Rand Paul. Ben Carson was second, Marco Rubio was third and Donald Trump was fourth (at my precinct).

PRO: Iowa gets to go first. Cool for Iowans – and I hope we’ve shown that we can be trusted since we’ve not given the establishment/moderate candidate the victory for at least the last 3 cycles (Cruz, Santorum, Huckabee).

CON: There’s so many candidates, we have to work 10 times as hard to unify behind a candidate to send any kind of message. I think folks outside Iowa forget that.

PRO: Lot’s of folks thank you for your efforts after the caucus – it’s called “Iowa Nice”.

CON: One little OLD lady comes up to you after the caucus and absolutely rips into you for supporting Ted Cruz because he’s “against ethanol” and “working for big oil”. And I mean absolutely rips into you (without profanity, mind you -this is Iowa after all). She’s not interested in hearing your case and probably can’t hear it – literally, due to poor hearing.

PRO: Iowa Republican caucus goers show strength by sending a constitutional conservative who didn’t pander to them into the primaries with an Iowa caucus victory.

CON: Almost 100% of Iowa democrats voted for either a felon or a socialist. 23% of Iowa republicans voted for a liberal billionaire womanizer from New York with a fetish for theft through bankruptcy and eminent domain and an addiction to power and wealth through bribery. God help us as a nation. If there are that many fools in Iowa, we may be in for a tough ride.