Donald Trump IS the Establishment Candidate

The Trump candidacy can be more clearly (in retrospect) seen in the form of this headline: “Successful Billionaire Tires of Watching Cohorts Lose Presidency, Runs Himself.”

Donald Trump is indistinguishable from the Republican establishment except for one key area – which I’ll get to. This has become more clear after his attacks on Ted Cruz and his renewable fuel standard pandering. It should have been clear to anyone paying attention.

Donald Trump is a man of principle – one principle – winning. As a real estate mogul, he does that by making shrewd deals, greasing the palms of politicians and zoning boards, spending other people’s money (bankruptcy) and taking other people’s property (eminent domain).

The Republican Establishment wins (on their issues anyway) by making shrewd deals (giving Obama the Iran deal and carte blanch spending in exchange for foreign workers), greasing the palms of politicians (K-street. Enough said), spending other people’s money (national debt) and taking other people’s property (illegal immigration, excessive taxation, etc.)

Donald Trump doesn’t really care or is: Pro-abortion (including partial birth abortion), Pro-gay marriage and anti-religious freedom (did you see his comments about Kim Davis and the others?).

The Republican establishment? Same.

Is Donald Trump for low taxes? Maybe. Probably about as much as the republican party was during the Bush years. Does he have a tax plan that cuts spending an fixes entitlements? No.

The Republican Establishment? Same.

Does Donald Trump care about limited government and the constitution. Not in a meaningful way. He supports rolling back regulations (Obama’s executive one’s mostly).

The establishment? Guess what – THE SAME.

What about immigration? Isn’t Trump opposite of the establishment on that? NO. Trump doesn’t mind the huge numbers of immigrants flooding the borders as long as its done legally. His plan is essentially sending people to border to check in and then welcoming them back.

The Republican Establishment will soon realize this is could be a great deal for them. With a few tweaks, its everything they want, just wrapped up in anti-immigration rhetoric. What is it that Trump is the master of again? Oh, that’s right. Deal making.

So what is it that separates the establishment from Trump? What does he feel he can do better than them that made entering the race attractive to Trump?

Populist Pandering.

Donald Trump understands that with today’s low information electorate. You pander to groups of voters to get them on board. Feed them read meat rhetoric that emotionally relates to the issues of the day. Trump supporters cut across racial demographics in a way that the republicans have always said they want to. The Republican establishment was only interested in pandering to the donor class. Does Trump engage in Populist Pandering? Open your eyes. That’s all he does.

Trump supporters cut across racial demographics in a way that the republicans have always said they want to. Their common bond is anger with the status quo. But they are also drawn to the celebrity of the Donald. Trump knows how to harness this low-information voter element and insert just enough rhetoric and virtually no substance to create a successful combination.

In short, Donald Trump’s record does not show me that he is different from the Establishment I want to see overthrown. His rhetoric is just good enough (most of the time) to fool the masses into thinking he is.

I want to make America Great Again as much as the next guy, but I don’t want to see it re-made in the image of Donald Trump. I want to see it re-made in the pattern of the constitution.