First EVER Man Gives Birth to Healthy Baby Girl (according to Fox News)

It takes a special kind of higher education to make sense of the following sentence written by the geniuses over at Fox News:

“Now, the couple is celebrating their new parenthood with 22-month-old Azaelia, who was born by Caesarian section when Kayden was induced when he was nine months pregnant.”

If you were grading papers in an K-12 English class, you might think the “he” in there was a typo. Just needs an “s” and the sentence is correct.

Nope, since Fox has accepted the demands of the rainbow mafia by changing pronoun usage, we are now treated to absolute impossibility presented as straight-faced fact. This “transgender man” did in fact give birth to a girl recently, Fox News wants you to believe. Try explaining that to your kids.

No, Fox News, here’s what really happened:  A woman, attempting to live as a man and possibly transition physiologically to something resembling one outwardly was reminded by her Creator that she has not yet succeeded. She became pregnant by her husband and was part of the most feminine act possible, the creation of a new life.

Several ironies here…. The woman who rejects her own female nature gives birth to a female. Also, somehow, it doesn’t take the legalization of “gay marriage” for 2 “dudes” to be married. Why have we been going through all of this policy wrangling, anyway?

One wonders if she will have second thoughts about rejecting a nature that is endowed with such and incredible gift.