CAUTION: Liberal Debate Moderators are Good for Conservatives

Imagine a debate where a Jeb! Bush protégé’ is the moderator.

It seems to me, that’s what many of people are asking for. Folks don’t like the questions that lead with disparaging comments about candidates or their positions. And its understandable. The Democrats get questions who’s premise is that the candidates and qualified and that their answer will solve the problem. It’s not fair.

But be careful, a debate with a moderator or panel of moderators that is still very active, but very actively calling for the kind of civility and go-along-to-get along bipartisanship “that the voters want”, will be a disaster for conservatives. Debates moderated like that will favor answers and candidates who will propose “reasonable” solutions that are palatable to Washington D.C. Its very easy to trade one bad situation for another.

Without the biased, left wing moderators at the last debate, where is the opportunity for the conservative fighters to shine?

I prefer to  have debates like we’ve had that expose the media bias and provide advantage to those candidates willing to call them out rather than the same debate format with actively moderate moderator.

There is a third option, though. Make the debates about the candidates actually making policy proposals and debating them. I’ve described that here.