War on women? We need a war on men in this country!

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Children have different experiences while they are growing up:

One will grow to be a toddler that hears wildly joyful applause when she takes her first steps.

Another will hear the sound of vacuuming equipment close in during her last moments.

What’s the difference between the two?

One will feel the exhilaration of being tossed in the air and caught again into loving arms.

Another will feel a severe burning sensation in its last moments as it is bathed in a deadly chemical.

What’s the difference between the two?

One will experience the joy of a tickle/wrestle/snuggle session on the living room floor while his brother and sisters giggle with approval nearby.

Another will have his face cut open by a scissors so that his brain can be ripped out of his skull for the glorious purpose of appearing as a statistic on some PhD medical student’s research paper.

What’s the difference between the two?

What’s the fundamental difference? No, its not the abortion. The difference is that in each of these cases one of children has a MAN – a REAL MAN – A HUSBAND AND A FATHER to protect it.

The other has a manipulator, a user and an exploiter – a different kind of man – to condemn it by inaction or malfeasance.

This is the fundamental difference. This is upstream from the abortion. This decides the child’s fate. Not whether one organization receives federal funds or not.

I think the conversation should be about this. I think the “defund planned parenthood” cadence is not all that great. It allows the so called “women’s rights” advocates to pivot to “women’s health”.

It was these same agitators who conducted a war on the Christian sexual ethic in the 50’s and 60’s. They conducted the war on “traditional female stereotypes” (families) in the 70’s and 80’s. Those wars gave license to the carnal man of the 90’s-present to exploit women. The women and children of last 4 decades have been the casualties.

These leftists that claim to be the defender of the woman… Why are they the enablers of the American male exploiter? Why have they advocated for women to join in fray of sexual license instead of advocating for men to take responsibility? They never have to answer these questions if we let the men off the hook. When the men aren’t part of the conversation, the left can control the conversation. Its about a woman’s body, about her health, her life… be compassionate. Is it compassionate to enable her exploiter?

We need a war on men. That’s how we stop the war on children.

Start with yourself. Men, you and I need to realize that every abortion starts with a man who has bought into the culture’s lies about sex. Every abortion starts with a man that lets lust run wild in his mind. He feeds his mind pornography and pop culture garbage. He looks at every attractive and semi attractive female as an opportunity to feed that lust by committing fornication, adultery or reveling in the imagination of it.

Are you one of those men? Shacking up, exploiting, non-committal or all of the above in your thoughts. At war with your Creator? Do you love your lust, premarital sex or adultery more than your Savior? If so, you are that enemy, that exploiter.

Want to know where this great evil of abortion begins, men? Look in the mirror.

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