The real goal of Obama's HUD rule

Conservative commentators are writing about how the Obama administration’s new Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule (AFFH), announced by Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Julian Castro will be a club to spread the housing wealth around a little. See here and here and I’m sure many other places.

However, I haven’t read an article yet that points out what I think is really the goal of this HUD rule:

Voter re-distribution!

You didn’t think those Dems really cared for the housing status of minorities did you? You should know better by now!

If you are a democrat and are looking to wield the levers of federal power to create a perpetual majority in the house and senate, you need to make more districts blue. What good does it do democrats to get nearly 100% of the vote in some inner city precincts only to lose the election because of all of those neighboring districts with close races and those rural districts with wide republican majorities?

More to the point of this rule, if you can spread your leftist voters into more precincts and especially into other congressional districts, you can turn those from red to blue! Just shift the demographics that support you into those other precincts. Since those inner-city precincts are in the bag, why not give it a shot? In fact, you only need to enforce the rule in a few counties and communities across the nation to get the desired results. I’m sure those locations are already identified.

After all, what do you have to lose? The funds that are used to act as the carrot to get unsuspecting communities around the country to help further the democrat party agenda are paid for by the very tax-paying republicans that should oppose them!

Sadly, many of those republicans will be in line to get those dollars for their “job creating”, “public-private partnership” “economic development” goals. The policies will be implemented in exchange for the bribe. The Pharisees are back with their 30 pieces of silver again.

And that brings me to the solution… As with virtually EVERY ONE of these leftist, socialist, liberty and prosperity destroying schemes, most citizens are more than willing (sometimes anxious) to fall in line just so they can get a few lousy tax dollars back from the feds. If we would just open our eyes to see that every federal dollar we receive with a string attached is actually another slice in our death by a thousand cuts. In many cases, the strings are yet to be attached, but they are coming.

The dollars come in many forms (tax credits, insurance subsidies, grants, loans, etc.). Stop taking them. Don’t take the federal dollars at your school, your community, your business, your farm, your non-profit and your state and you will have taken the first step in restoring the republic.

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