How to Answer the Iraq Question

Its been painful to watch the republican hopefuls answer the Iraq question:

First, about the WMD’s…

1. There were WMD’s. They were moved to Syria. Read Georges Sada’s book – he was an Iraqi Air Force commander and the only Christian adviser to Saddam.

2. Everyone at the time thought there were WMD’s. There were UN resolutions, coalitions, the whole deal

3. The new York times recently exposed the injuries of US soldiers caused by handling the WMD’s.

Here’s what happened: such a frenzy was created at the time, that it would not have been satisfied unless an entire warehouse full of nukes and chemical warheads was found in Bagdad. There was an impossible expectation set.


The real mistake with going into Iraq was the plan to transition to a new government. Islamic countries are not suited to be free republics or democracies (fleeting transitions to oligarchy). Especial Islamic countries as subdivided as Iraq is. The societal elements necessary to sustain free republics are not found in Islamic countries. Read the founders! Study history. Its NOT THERE. So, the best you could do in Iraq is to establish a pro-western dictator or send in missionaries until the place is Christian.

But establishment, quasi-secular Bush/Rove/Cheney/Rumsveld don’t understand history or human nature.

So, when answering about Iraq, by all means tell folks you wouldn’t have invaded. But don’t tell them its because of WMD’s. Its because there was no historical proof that a new regime would have been better. Look at what happened in Iraq. A power vacuum is bringing the fanatics to power, its the Islamic way.

Another intellectually honest answer would be to say that you don’t think the constitution permits such an intervention. Or maybe you don’t think enough US interests were served in removing WMD’s from a dictator’s arsenal. After all, if you think that’s our job, then we’d better be invading Iran, North Korea, Syria, etc. etc. etc.

But please, don’t continue to make it about the WMD thing. In a few years, when they are found in Syria, you’ll have to answer the question all over again. And you’ll look stupid. Again.