The First Law of Progressivism

I think a physics term can help in our quest to better know the “Progressive” strategy. And by progressive I mean liberal democrat, socialist, Marxist, secular humanist/materialist, etc.

That term is entropy.

In thermodynamics (the science of the behavior of energy/heat) there is a maxim that states that systems that don’t have outside energy sources feeding them will tend toward maximum entropy. It’s called the second law of thermodynamics. Basically, things wear down and run out of usable energy. Without energy input, everything reaches a base level of sameness. The glass of ice-water becomes room temperature. The spinning top comes to rest, etc. This is why the universe is not eternal.

Entropy is not a good thing. Think of a junkyard full of rusted out cars and weeds. Lots of entropy there.

So how does entropy (the degradation of the matter and energy in the universe to an ultimate state of inert uniformity) apply to the left?

Consider what I am terming the  First Law of Progressivism:

Progressivism tends toward maximum material and moral entropy.

Are you beginning to see it? There is nothing more detestable to a progressive than moral and/or material distinction. If someone has achieved material success (could be wealth or just contentment) they have violated the first law of progressivism. Or, suppose you think some behavior is good and another bad: you are in violation.

How does this play out? Here’s an example: Many Americans have been puzzled by President Obama and [mc_name name=’Sen. John Kerry (D-MA)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’K000148′ ] regarding foreign policy. They ask, “why doesn’t he believe in American exceptionalism?” or even, “is he a Muslim?” as they watch the decrease of US influence and the increase in dangerous foreign powers’ influence and standing. Others have been puzzled by the embrace of gender confusion and “marriage equality” by progressives. How can they not see the differences between male and female, between man/woman marriage and so called homosexual marriage?

The first law of progressivism is the reason. The influence of America should not be greater than the influence of foreign powers according to the First Law. Gender distinctions and sexual ethics must be eliminated as well.

There’s also an interesting feature inherent in the application of the first law. When one succeeds at increasing moral entropy, one gains material entropy. It’s an exponential law of diminishing returns. You see, when large swaths of the population of (say, for example) Baltimore have had erased from their society the intact family (which is a product of the moral sexual ethic that had the first law applied to it beginning in the 1960’s), then they end up with collective poverty – material entropy. Progressive success is achieved as defined by the First Law. The progressives can then apply the First Law again: Instigate looting (moral entropy) as a means to more redistribution (material entropy).

The reverse is also true. And that is the key to countering the First Law of Progressivism. When moral entropy is decreased, material entropy is decreased.  That is, when some people have excess material possessions due to their hard work (virtue), you have what can be defined as “an economy”. And when those same people have decreased their moral entropy (restored virtue) you have charity, health care, education and a society back on its feet.

Defeat moral entropy and you defeat material entropy and the very foundation of progressivism.