ACORN Banking Experience Required at Office of the Comptroller of the Currency!!!

In addition to finding ways to not defund ACORN, it seems that this administration is creating positions within the government that require their invaluable expertise! There’s a new “Community Development Expert” position advertised at the Department of the Treasury, OCC. In this case, you don’t have to read between the lines in order to smell the ACORN stew.

It’s got a fat pay range for government work: SALARY RANGE: 94,016.00 – 174,698.00 USD /year

What is some of the job experience required to obtain this position?

Sponsoring and/or developing activities designed to educate and encourage community development lending activities among bankers and community groups.”

Seems like rounding up folks with pitchforks to extort bad loans out of banks qualifies as job experience! What if you’ve only been standing athwart the racist capitalist banks on a part-time basis because you had other duties managing taxation issues for child sex trafficking rings? Not to worry, your ‘banking experience’ can be credited on a prorated basis.

Why does it seem like the word ‘educate’ in the description of required experience most nearly means ‘suppress sound financial thinking in favor of the false liberal dogma of victimhood’? As Thomas Sowell has pointed out, if banks really were discriminating against minority borrowers, then their loans would demonstrate lower default rates than those of non-minorities.

Perhaps “Encourage” in the same sentence most nearly means organize protests outside the homes of banking executives in order to intimidate them into providing further funding for your subversive activities at ACORN. Maybe it is intended to include work done lobbying for the expansion of the Community Reinvestment Act.

There are many job duties whose written descriptions seem to fit right into the experience required.

Provide information/advice to national bank examiners, OCC policy makers and government agencies on community and economic development trends, opportunities and programs that affect the banking industry.”

It seems like one of the job duties is to advise national bank examiners to overlook solvency issues if the banks in question are taking advantage of opportunities (the Community Development Expert’s directives) to make loans to favored groups.

But how will the consummate street radical adjust to work in the button downed world of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency? You know what’s great about government work? It provides lots of free time in which to continue volunteering!

Perhaps the Obama administration has learned that media doesn’t pay as much attention to Treasury visitor logs as WH logs, so they came up with this solution. Maybe this lone advertisement of two openings is relatively minor in the scheme of things, but it sure seems like another chink in the armor of sound governance.

Read the job description and decide for yourself if I’m paranoid or they’re really out to get us…

Community Development Expert Job Description at USAJOBS

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