Ronald Reagan Explains Why Barack Obama Will Achieve Peace in Our Time

In a speech he gave 45 years ago, Ronald Reagan explained that the only way to achieve peace tomorrow is to surrender today. By that measure, Barack Obama has excelled beyond even the expectations of the Almighty.

He abandoned fledgling democracies in Eastern Europe to Putin’s grand designs for a renewed Soviet empire. He left all of Europe bereft of defenses against small numbers of ballistic missiles by scrapping plans for systems that could in no way change the balance of power between the USA and Russia. In thanks for this concession, the Kremlin continues to aid Iran’s nuclear development through trade across the Caspian Sea in addition to blocking sanctions by invoking its veto power on the U.N. Security Council.

Without even challenging the facts or invoking a lengthy, albeit flawed invocation of international law, he seeks the return to office of a former Honduran president who was attempting to install himself as a dictator by using ballots flown in courtesy of Hugo Chavez. For these prostrations he won praise from despots around the world who wish him a lifetime tenure in office.

He apologized for our alleged sins and ignored true travesties against humanity.  He failed to understand that American exceptionalism is not an ignorant belief that we are a perfect or chosen people, but rather it reflects the original declaration of our founders that our Creator endowed all of humanity with the same rights, and that though they may be abridged throughout the world, no one is less entitled to seek their natural freedoms than anyone else.

Fundamentally though, he has engineered our surrender not through his international speeches slighting our allies and licking the boots of our mortal enemies, but rather through the pursuit of a domestic agenda so profligate as to preclude our continued ability to maintain our military forces. Although we might, for a limited time, experience no direct attacks within our borders as the enemies of freedom choose to first consume emerging pockets of it as we abandon them, we will certainly suffer the guilt of knowing that we have reversed the emancipation of our fellow man.

Perhaps a lucky confluence of events that flies in the face of history will grace the world with a cessation in wars between nations despite the falsely credited efforts of our apologist in chief, but obtaining peace without freedom is at best an incomplete result. Although we may not reasonably expect that the force of American arms, or even any device of human creation, may result in a permanent state of liberty on this planet, there is something decidedly ignoble about turning our backs on those who merely want their freedom in order to curry favor with the thugs who oppress them.