Porkulus Bill Funds Transition to National Child Day Care!

We really need to fight against Obama’s leftist national anti-health and anti-energy bills, but here’s one of the next nuggets of excrement in the pipeline. I honestly expect this to not come to fully fester until after the 2012 election, but I’ve been surprised at how quickly he’s been trying to move everything. I had figured that he would do everything to change America into Europe over the next 20 years or so. His hubris may well be his downfall. Instead of gradually boiling a frog starting from a cold pot, he’s trying to make changes on so many fronts at once that he can’t help but tickoff the majority of a center-right, albeit temporarily gullible nation.

So, here’s one of the future government programs that you have to look forward to after medicine is socialized: the nanny state, well, literally acting as a nanny! I’m really not joking.


Once everyone is used to the government running health care, we’ll be fighting elections over the income cutoff to qualify for free* government daycare. If you don’t want your children to grow up under the amoral supervision of federal childcare workers training them to help the president, appease terrorists, feast on organic government cheese, and generally become red diaper doper babies, you need to stop them in their tracks now.

We’ve always known that Obama would select plausible enough cabinet members and real loons for his czars and assistant secretaries. I’d really like to know who Carmen Nazario, the new Assistant Secretary for the Administration for Children and Families, is, and what sort of indoctrination curriculum for federal child care she is planning. They got $2B from porkulus that they’re spending.

Look at Canada:


Look to Australia:


Someone explain how I’m crazy to think that this is where we are going. Or, help me flesh out exactly how I’m NOT crazy. I suggest that we start digging here.