These employees of ACORN unflinchingly aided people who claimed to be organizing an INTERNATIONAL CHILD RAPE & ABDUCTION RING!!!!!!!!!!! They even had the audacity to suggest to these people posing as utter scumbags that they claim the victims as dependents on their personal tax forms.

The leftstream media is not covering this. These intrepid undercover reporters made the mistake of releasing this on the anniversary of 9/11, and there’s a risk that it will get buried by the next news cycle. Post this story on other social networking sites. Share it with the liberals in your life.

Don’t call it sex. Don’t call it prostitution. ACORN was willing to aid people who had declared themselves to be child rapists. What wouldn’t they be willing to do? Given their reaction to a request to learn how to launder money from an international child molestation ring so that it could be used to purchase property and potentially fund a future Congressional campaign, it is very hard to believe that they haven’t previously provided similar advice to all manner of actual criminals who have come seeking their assistance.

This is a story that can demolish ACORN if it is properly leveraged. It is up to each and every one of you to keep this story alive.