Be Wary of the Houston Victory

We were all delighted to see the ridiculous bathroom sharing proposal go down in Houston, and legalized marijuana in Ohio suffered the same fate.  However, we are celebrating even as we lose.  It’s time to understand what we are losing and why.  Only when we understand that can we truly begin to win.

What we are losing is the battle for the soul of Western civilization.  The Houston victory was a loss.  The absurd proposal should have been voted against 97% to 3%.  Like all absurd proposals, it will be slightly less absurd the next time around, and will receive slightly more support, until finally it gets passed, if not first in Houston, then elsewhere.  In a matter of years it will be national law.  Just look at what has happened with abortion in many countries in the West, then compare that with what has happened with gay marriage, legalization of population rotting drugs, curbing free speech in the name of tolerance, etc.  Look at what is happening with euthansia right now.  The avalanche of loss for conservatives continues.

Why do we keep losing?  A nation is only as strong as its individual members.  If you have a wonderful constitution but morally rotted citizens, your nation will be a disaster.  If you have a pathetic constitution and wonderful citizens, they will live rightly and make it a point to correct their constitution so that soon there will be wonderful citizens with a constitution to match.  Conservatives are losing because the battle between conservatives and liberals is ultimately a battle between good and evil.  We continue to lose that battle.

As is often pointed out, there is a direct relationship between how often a person goes to church and how a person identifies politically.  Those who go to church every Sunday are much more likely to be Republican and vote often.  Those who do not go to church at all, the other end of the spectrum, are most likely to vote Democrat and vote less often, often showing up only for Presidential elections.  Surely going to church does not make a person good . . . but it helps tremendously.

What has been the strength of the Republican party for decades?  Has it not been the conservative Christian right (which includes Catholics)?  The Republican Party would be dead without it.  What is lacking in the United States and throughout the West is not political savvy, nor is it money.  The energy of the conservatives is, let’s face it, religious energy first of all.

And so we come to what is missing and why we are losing.  We are losing not because we are afraid to talk about moral issues (they are not social issues, they only have social effects).  When candidates are willing to intelligently bring moral issues into the fight we do well, as just happened in Kentucky.  What we are missing is that moral people don’t drop down from Heaven, they are raised, educated, or won over to the cause of goodness by godly people.

So even as we are children of the light in the political world, we have to realize what the illness of the West is: it is the loss of God’s light in the minds of men.  If we do not faithfully follow that light and also openly profess it and bring others to it, conservatism will die under the ever growing river of immorality which is washing over the West.  Moral conversion always brings about political change.  Political change can never bring about moral conversion.  It can only help it.

It is time for the conservative moment to stop celebrating.  We are losing the battle that really matters.  It is moral corruption, not government handouts, not illegal immigration, which is producing the Blue Wall in presidential elections.  Moral corruption leads to more disregard for God’s law, more single parent homes, more drug addicts, more poverty, more laziness, more government dependency, and therefore more blue states.  It’s that simple.  Again, the more a person goes to church the more a person votes conservative, the less a person goes to church, the more he votes for liberal.  Think it over.  Our future depends on it.  The future of the West depends on it.  The future of your children and grandchildren depend on it.