The first rule of the Tea Party should be there are no "Tea Party Candidates"

First Scott Ashjian in Nevada to grease the skids for an already oily Harry Reid, now a fellow named Peter DeStafano, recruited by the DCCC to draw conservative votes away from John Adler’s opponent in New Jersey, former Philadelphia Eagle Jon Runyan.


The fradulent Tea Party candidate is knocking down 6% in a late poll, almost all of the Adler lead over Runyan. 

Their lousy ideas notwithstanding, the cohesiveness and oneness of purpose will keep the Democrat party a force to be suspicous of and reckoned with no matter what slaughter they endure on November 2nd.  The’ll just get meaner and more desperate.  The Tea Party does itself no favors by not studying and proactively confronting the tactics of Democrats. 

The first rule of third parties is that third parties are doomed, at least insofar as a credible national presence is concerned.  It makes sense to expect the Tea Party will be infested with infiltrators, both carrying inflammatory signs at rallies and acting as “candidates.”

After November 2nd, the Tea Party should bask in its successes for a little while, then refocus its mission so as to survive the cruel world of a two party system, and realize Democrats are going to play their distrust of Republicans like a fiddle until bogus “Tea Party” candidates are eradicated.