Sestak doubles down on WH job offer claim

The Obama administration’s white, career government fall guy must be ready to walk the plank, in the footsteps of Chris Oynes and Dennis Blair who came before him.

In a “catch me if you can” moment, Joe Sestak, fresh from defeating Arlen Specter in the Democrat Pennsylvania Senate primary, reiterated he was offered a job by the White House during the campaign, in exchange for taking a powder during the primary.


Whatever his politics, Sestak is a military guy who is at least honorable enough not to perjure himself.  Whatever his motives for revealing the job offer in the first place, a “scorched earth” moment perhaps, sensing the White House/Specter deck was stacked against him, he can’t unring the bell now, can he?

And he can certainly still win, no?  After all, he was an unwitting and unwilling participant.

And fresh meat for Darrell Issaa.