Amazing Sarah Palin head fakes Barack Obama on being soft on "big oil"

And accuses him of being soft on them.  Talk about man eats dog! 

It’s not a new theme.  Even James Carville has waded into it.

But I saw Sarah Palin test drive this theme several days ago on Greta, then forgot about it.  She did it again today, and it must have hit a nerve.  First of all, Sarah Palin has street cred on the oil industry, and Barack Obama does not.  So when she speaks of the relationship between government and oil companies, she can does so more authoritatively than Robert Gibbs, whose only comeback was, to paraphrase, “so what if we took more oil lobby money than anyone else…we’re not soft on big oil…we wanted to tax them!”  And again reminds Palin Obama won the election, for whatever that matters.

And thus does not break from the theme of Obama’s disaster management in the gulf, which is “Sue, baby. Sue.”


This is why I don’t wring my hands about Sarah Palin’s primary endorsements, or lack thereof.  She has a knack for putting Obama back on his heels to defend flanks he is not expecting and advancing themes that have legs in political discourse.  That’s her value to the cause, right now.