Tom Coburn Jumps the Shark!

Tom Coburn once my second favorite senator, behind Jim Demint has jumped the shark. Coburn is either trying to get along with the lunatic leftists or is trying to get in good graces with the people that control the two ethics investigations that he is involved in. Coburn going after Fox News recently and saying that Pelosi is a nice person shows that Dr. Coburn has been in Washington too long. If it wasn’t for Fox News and Talk Radio Coburn would lose to Brad Henry, instead he is a clear path to victory in 2010. Shame on Coburn. Coburn has joined the go along and get along Republicans that are unwilling to fight as hard as the Real Conservatives to save the country. It is Republicans like Coburn and Graham that put up tepid opposition to the Marxists in Washington.

Tom Coburn is a useful idiot for the rats at Politico and the rest of the media. If Coburn wants to be Obama and Pelosi’s buddy, he can do it as a former senator. I am tired of wimpy Republicans like Coburn and Bob Inglis trying to liked in Washington by taking shots at Fox News. I hope Coburn realizes how stupid he sounds. I hope Tom Coburn is voted out in favor of a Real Conservative. I no longer trust Tom Coburn as a Conservative and I believe he is just another Corrupt Loser Republican that has to go in 2010. Coburn is a fake. He has Jumped the Shark and will never be considered a good conservative in my book again.  I hope the C Street and Ensign investigations ends Coburn’s career. Retire Coburn!