Politico, the Census, and slamming Erick Erickson!

After visiting Politico, nearly everyday for nearly a couple of years I have decided that I am done with it forever. Politico has become a defender of the left and a defamer of the right. Politico has now decided to follow state-media (the liberal blogosphere and the state-media media Jon Leibowitz) and slam Red State’s Erick Erickson. Erick Erickson should continue to be provocative and his strong opinions and not back in the face of liberal hypocrisy. The Forehead Paul Bagala and Donna “We are not going to let the White Boys Win” Brazile.

Politico’s Andy Barr, in conjunction with media matters tries to slam Erickson suggesting that he would actually pull a shotgun on census worker. What is with the Liberal Media and census workers, first they blame Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin for the Kentucky census worker’s death, which was revealed to be a suicide and now they try to misconstrue Erick Erickson’s statements to make him look like a unstable shotgun pulling nut-job bent of killing census workers.

The Politico article following in the spirit of the Associated Press mentions unrelated quotes that were cited by left-wing media stooge Howard Kurtz. The quotes of course are used to fit the state-controlled media’s template of Erick Erickson as a right-wing hate monger. Kurtz and Politico are only following orders in trying to silence dissent and protect the Obama agenda. Why ask Kurtz what he thinks of Donna Brazile’s White Boys quote or Begala’s numerous hate-filled partisan rants. Politico in true liberal fashion cites a ridiculous poll from CNN/Opinion Research poll, that 83 percent of Americans do not think filling out the census is an invasion of privacy. Andy Barr seems to think Erickson is at best a conservative firebrand and at worst a violent hate-monger.

Andy Barr seems to be right in line with “Media Matters” and the statist stooges like Jon (Stewart) Leibowitz in wanting Erickson off in CNN. They want CNN and to be a uniformally liberal and along with the rest of the media for that matter. They want no opposition, just like Democrats in racially-gerryed districts.  It not about what Erick Erickson said it is about the fact that he is a conservative activist going on a liberal network with that at best has token opposition from conservatives.

Finally, my take on the census. The census Worker carrying American Community Survey is now authoritarian statist equivalent to the statue of liberty at least in the eyes of state-controlled media. I can see it now, a 300 foot tall statue of tyranny, a scummy looking census worker holding the American Community Survey looking off to their left. This statue of Tyranny can be placed alongside San Francisco Bay. During the 2000 Census the census that came to my door was very scummy looking man that was about 50 years old wearing sunglasses. The survey was absurd in 2000 and is now even worse. The census has gone too far and will no doubt be hijacked by the Community Organizer-In-Chief in order to secure to power for the Democrats for the next decade and beyond. It is beyond intrusive and a complete invasion of privacy by the people that already too much. I can’t buy that 83% of the country is a bunch of statist fools that blindly fall in line. The constitution mandates a head count not questions about income,race and disability. The unreasonable and intrusive census questions violate the fourth amendment and probably violate the fifth amendment as well.