A Special Election in the NY 29th will not happened!

It is looking more and more certain that there will be no special election in New York’s 29th Congressional District (The Tickler’s Seat). Tom Reed, the Former Mayor of Corning, NY is the Republican nominee whenever the race happens. He is absolutely a solid top-tier recruit that is a great fit for the 29th. The election will happen in November and not May or June. It looks likely that the Democrats can’t find a credible challenger for Tom Reed. Their preferred candidates passed on running. Shawn Hogan the long-time Democrat mayor of Hornell, NY was the only Democrat candidate that could make a race of it. The Democrats are now apparently looking at more liberal politicians from Monroe County (Rochester). The Dems wanted  Mike Green, the Monroe County D.A. and former Republican. Green was the only other top-tier candidate and he also passed on the race. Now the Democrats are left with six pathetic third-tier candidates including a guy that lost a state senate race by 22 points.

Eric Massa handed over his house seat to the Republicans. That is why there will be no special election. We just have to wait until November this seat. This is the first of many scandal seats that will fall to republicans. If the Democrats thought they could hold this seat, there would be a special election tomorrow. Even Ed Cox, the Pathetic Chairman of the New York Republican Committee can’t blows this race. I hope Cox knows that he is a Terrible chairman that may have killed Rick Lazio’s chances of winning the Govenorship. The New York Republicans will never go for Steve Levy.