Give'em Hell, Sarah! A Salute to Victory over the Liberal Republicans

Thank you Sarah Palin for standing up for a conservative republican party when the clueless establishment went on listening tours and loser liberals like David Frum, David Brooks, Colin Powell, John Avlon, George Will, Steve Schmidt, Sam Tanenhaus, and Kathleen Parker tried to assert themselves and move the republican party far to the left. These ULTRA-LIBERAL/progressive republicans have not been kind to Palin and conservatives, but there is no doubt that we have vanquished them and real conservatives have won out. Marco Rubio has all but buried Charlie Crist, and now even John McCain has seen the light and has been a great voice against the Obama agenda. There is the ascension of Pat Toomey in the Pennsylvania senate race and the victory of Chris Christie in New Jersey. Christie has been a great fiscal conservative and true powerhouse in New Jersey. He is definitely not a wishy washy liberal republican like Christine Todd Whitman and he won by a better than expected margin in a very liberal state. Scott Brown won on a platform of fighting health care and the Obama-Holder national security plan. Brown’s victory is one for the ages. Scott Brown is no conservative by any standard, but he won running against the socialist agenda. Rick Perry easily beat Kay Bailey Hutchison, an establishment moderate at least by Texas standards. Dede Scozzafava was run out of the race and Doug Hoffman achieved a tremendous victory for conservatives over a true RINO.

The conservatives have passion on their side in a way I have never seen. Until 2009 Conservatives never organized massiveprotests for anything. In David Frum’s Repubican party there would be no protests, only compromises where the Republicans do all the compromising. The Republicans were united against Socialism even Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins. The results are clear and the winners are Sarah Palin’s vision for the Republican party, and the losers of course are the liberals leeches like Brooks, Parker, and Frum and RINO politicians like Charlie Crist and Dede Scozzafava. The Wayne Gilchrest, Joe Schwartz, and Dede Scozzfava types will no longer be the nominees in Republican Leaning districts and that is a victory for conservatives over liberal republicans. Do I hear an Amen!