Sarah Palin is Getting Real Death Threats Because of MSNBC and State-Controlled Media!

We all know the truth about how dangerous the corrupt media really is and here is the proof of that. Shame on MSNBC and the rest of the media for doing the bidding of the Democrat party and endangering Sarah Palin and her family in the process. State-controlled media is truly the reckless ones here, especially MSNBC and NBC News. I pray for Sarah Palin and her family’s safety every time the irresponsible and corrupt democrat party media machine stokes hatred toward her and fuels the left-wing haters. If you have seen the stuff the crazy left-wing and even some in the lamestream media sayabout Sarah Palin, you hope she and her family have around the clock secret service protection and fully security team. The media laughed when a psychotic left-wing tried to throw tomatoes at her in Minnesota. Yes the left-wing in America is that psychotic, reckless, and evil. We can thank MSNBC and the rest of state-controlled media for this. And finally, remember this gun don’t kill people psychotic liberals do. See Lee Harvey Oswald and Leon Czolgosz for examples. Please check out this posting on Patterico.com.