Where's the Healthcare bounce? 48% in Gallup and 47% Rasmussen

Bill Clinton said the minute Obama signs health-care Bill into law, Obama would go up 10 points in the polls. It looks like another lie for the man that lied under oath. The Democrats and their tag team partner, State-Controlled Media have made a major miscalculation with exploiting the “so called” threats and attacking the tea parties and Sarah Palin and America knows it. The deflection game is simply not working and the American people see through the lies of corrupt corporate media outlets and like-minded leftists attempts to exploit phantom threats and racial slurs.

The real racists like Chip Clyburn and the Liar John Lewis are exposed for what they really are, once again. Chris Matthews and Ann Curry are embarrassments to the media. Shame on Ann Curry especially. Ann Curry is pathetic and so is all of NBC and General Electric. This unholy alliance between Government and Media is disgusting to watch. Good for John McCain standing up to this crap and the shill Ann Curry. Americans deserve an honest and fair press and not outright shills like NBC, MSNBC, CNN, and the rest. The American people know when they are being played and state-controlled media is playing them like a Stradivarius.

There will be no bounce for Obama because he and the Democrats have lost Independents, and the Independents support the tea party movement.  This is a right-of-center nation and Obamacare is a far -left monstrosity. The exploiting of the “so called” threats to make the American people forget about this monstrosity is disgusting. The smearing of Sarah Palin and the Tea Parties is laughable, shameful, and most people that are not blind hate-filled liberal extremists see it for that. The Alinsky media has had their run and they are unable to give Obama the bounce that he wanted from Healthcare.

And finally, state-controlled media has betrayed the trust of the American people once again. The Democrats will lose control of the House in 2010 and the American people will not forget when Obama and the Democrats defied the will of American people by passing a massive liberty stealing socialist dream strictly on party lines. There is no bounce for partisan fear mongers and race baiting Marxists that resort to sleazy tactics in order to steal the private sector.