There can be no doubt that the Democrats are EVIL!

The Democrat party and the State Controlled media are evil. The state-controlled media has lost all credibility and are now simply trying to energize the real fanatics on their side. James Clyburn is a power mad racist and Steny Hoyer is drunk with power. These people value nothing, but power and do not care about the people and the country itself. I am tired of the games these Saul Alinsky communists play with us. This is America and not a game.

There are two things going here deflection and energizing the progressive base. The Dems must get the Health-care bill off the fronts pages right away. The Dems must energize their progressive base. They  are playing the base politics and implementing the 50 plus 1 strategy.

Power Mad Racist Jim “Big Chip on My Shoulder” Clyburn wants to remain Majority Whip. I hope the racist Clyburn becomes the Minority Whip. Clyburn is a race hustler of the Al Sharpton variety and a member of the Congressional Black Communists. Chip Clyburn is aiding and abetting racial tensions.  Clyburn is an extremely hate-filled man. He is trying to turn the fire hoses and barking dogs on the people that disagree with him. Clyburn has become the intolerant bigot that he supposedly campaigned against. Everything is about race with “Big Chip On My Shoulder” Clyburn. Where was Chip Clyburn when the black panthers intimidated voters in Philly and when a black conservative was beaten by union thugs in St. Louis.  And we also tend to forget the POTUS who didn’t have all the facts but the police acted stupidly in Cambridge.  We conservatives are constantly are assailed as racists every time we exercise our rights of free speech every-time we disagree with the administration.  

Our voices such as Rush, Glenn, and Hannity are accused of promoting violence when they show the truth.  Lets see some of the true perveyors of hate, Wanda Sykes hoped that Limbaugh’s kidney failed and the POTUS laughed along. Garofalo called the party protestors “redneck teabagging racists”.  Alec Baldwin called for “dragging for the stoning of Rep. Hyde and his family”.  Montel Williams told Rep. Bachmann to go kill herself.  Sean Pean’s rant wishing rectal  cancer to tea party protesters. And yet everyday we hear more lies about the”violent Nazi tea party teabaggers”. There was also Sarah Palin effigy in Los Angeles and Kathy Griffith and Sandra Bernhardt wanting to harm Sarah Palin.

Please people don’t stop  the excersing  of your rights to speak out don’t give up, never give up.