The Bullies are calling the victims the bullies thanks to State-Controlled Media!

The cowardly, calculating, and corrupt media is co-ordinating with the Democrat party like tag team wrestling partners in their bullying of good and decent Americans. The tea party protesters are almost entirely good people, and the conservatives and independents that exercise their constitutional rights are justified in their outrage against this government that governs against the consent of governed. The protesters frequently are belittled, bullied, and besmirched by a so called watchdog media and by some who claim to be neutral arbiters. The tag team insults you, gloats in your face, tries to ignore you, and worst of all, they try to discredit you. There is no doubt that the people that speak up against the Obama-Pelosi tyranny are victimized. They are the victims of a co-ordinated smear campaign conducted by the Government Media Complex. General Electric and Time Warner now are in bed with the Obama administration and are willing push propaganda on MSNBC, NBC, CNBC, and CNN to help their parent companies. It might as well be state-controlled media.

The tea party protesters and conservative activists are turning the other cheek every time even as they are bullied and taunted by the State media-Democrat party tag team. The bullying from a corrupt and cowardly media doing the bidding of the Democrat party and a Democrat administration is how a silent majority stays silent. The Democrats and their tag team partners in the media can make up the lies about the tea parties and conservatives and try to brand us as extremists, racists, and bigots. The media is going to off the deep and this is the last refuge of the Democrat party’s pathetic attempt to hold on to congress. This Government Media tag team should be called “The Alinskys”.

I know we won’t back down and we are going to fight harder and speak louder. We are going to beat “The Alinskys” at the ballot box. The truth will win out and the American people will get their government back.