Stupid Stupak needs to be booted out of office!

Bart Stupak deserves to lose and his actions show that he is as unprincipled as any Democrat fool. Hopefully the people of Northern Michigan are outraged by Stupid Stupak. I knew this clown was with Pelosi all along. The Democrat party is now 100 percent unprincipled socialists and Marxists. There is atleast 120 Outright Commies in the house of representatives, 120 Pure Socialists, and maybe a dozen semi-socialists. Stupak’s district is at least Republican-leaning and the Republicans should target and focus on defeating Stupak in 2010. There should be a money bomb for his challenger Dr. Dan Benishek! The Good Doctor needs our support and I think Bart Stupak can be defeated. The Democrats are very unpopular in Michigan and Stupak will be no exception. Pete Hoekstra or A.G. Mike Cox will definitely win the Governorship. Mark Schauer is finished and he knows it. The Republicans won Schauer’s state senate seat in landslide last November and Gary Peters could also lose.