Sarah Palin should be the Nominee in 2012!

I saw Sarah Palin on the O’Reilly Factor and I am convinced that she is the best candidate to run against Obama and Obama-care. She is the only prospective candidate that is a real conservative and the only one that can solidly run against Obama-care. If anyone can beat Obama it is Sarah Palin and no some middle of the road moderate. Conservatives will spend the better part of the decade trying to erase and defeat Obama-care. I pray they will be successful.  Mitt Romney’s 2012 candidacy died today and he knows it. The Republican strategy is now and forever running against socialism and Obama-care and not embracing it.  We do not  need a republican that enabled the model for Obama-care and championed it, while he was Governor of Massachusetts. The Republicans must beat Obama-care in court and at the state level and take the White House. They do not do this by agreeing with Obama and the leftists on socialized medicine.

Sarah Palin has been a strong critic of Obama-care and will absolutely run against it with no apologies. The Republican party must remain a conservative party and not a liberal party. The Republicans must succeed where the “so called” conservatives in Britain and Canada failed and end national health-care! I think we can win this war and I hope we have real conservatives willing to fight it and not lousy RINOS willing to go along with it. That is why Sarah Palin should be the nominee! This is a fight that will probably last a decade.