Brad Ellsworth seals his defeat!

Brad Ellsworth just sealed his defeat and left no doubt that he is a socialist and absolutely not the pro-life fiscal conservative that he billed himself as in 2006. Ellsworth will lose by the senate race by double digits and Republicans will own grab his Open House seat in a twofer. Brad Ellsworth is now the ultimate Obama/Pelosi butt-boy and hopefully Tom Coburn puts an end to Ellsworth’s Golden Parachute deal. Dan Coats and Marlin Stutzman are both solid candidates that will kick Ellsworth’s butt in November. Ellsworth’s only chance at winning the senate seat held by the retiring Evan Bayh was convincing the voters of Indiana that he is the reincarnation of Evan Bayh and that is not going to happen. Ellsworth and no Democrat can win statewide in Indiana by being a straight-up liberal. Ellsworth’s Yes vote hurts companies like Caterpillar, Whirlpool and the other other big manufacturers in Indiana and will lead to increased job losses in Indiana. Healthcares costs will rise right away and businesses will shed jobs to offset the increased healthcare costs. The Democrats have done nothing to help Indiana and the people know it and Ellsworth will be held accountable. I expect the Republicans to pick Ellworth’s house seat and knock off Baron Hill. Joe Donnelly will be lucky to survive the 2010 election. The Senate Seat is Solidly in Republican Hands and Ellworth and Hill’s House seats are guaranteed to flip.