Virginia's Red Roots Are Showing

First, let me establish that I do not visit Kos. This link was emailed to me by the RPV. Since I am unaware of how much of this information gets out nationally, I thought I would share it with anyone who may be interested.

Virginia (being the rebellious adolescent she was) may have dyed her hair that horrible shade of purplish-blue, but now being a little older and a little wiser is letting that beautiful natural red grow back in.

There is this poll, commissioned in part by The Daily Kos no less, that is very encouraging to us here in Virginia. Some highlights:

Favorable/Unfavorable- McAuliffe 37/40(-3 ), Moran and Deeds both at 35/36(-1), McDonnell 53/33(+20)

Head-to-Head – McDonnell is ahead against all three. McAuliffe 44/34, Moran 42/35, Deeds 45/32.

Chairman Pat Mullins of the Republican Party of Virginia had this to say, “If this is what millions of dollars in negative television ads did to Bob McDonnell, then I encourage the Democrats and their labor union pals to spend even more. Not even the most liberal website on the Internet is able to avoid the truth: Bob McDonnell’s positive campaign is good for Virginia and has momentum.”

I’ll bet Kos wishes they had that money back.