Kaine's not Able

Is seems Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine is having problems juggling his day job with his hobby as chairman of the DNC. The Richmond Times Dispatch reported on the whining he was doing to the executive committee during a lunch meeting at a downtown Richmond hotel.

 I know that whole Governor thing can be a real pain in the neck but didn’t someone say once that an executive should be able to do more than one thing at a time. As far as splitting time between the duties of being Governor and all that fun stuff the libs get to do, The Eyebrow said that the focus of his attention would be on his day job. 

Now today in my inbox, I get this gem of a statement from RPV Chairman Pat Mullins.

Chairman Mullins’ statement is as follows:

“I was sorry to hear that Tim Kaine is finding it difficult to manage his time between his political duties as head of the national Democratic Party and his constitutional duties as the Governor of Virginia. The people of Virginia elected him to do the job he campaigned for, which is of particular importance as many Virginians are facing difficult economic troubles.”He simply cannot be a part-time governor when people are looking for full-time solutions. If Tim Kaine thinks his burdens are too great, he should pick one job to do and resign from the other.”

Although, isn’t the Commonwealth of Virginia better off when Kaine is eating lunch with his buds and flying all over the country than we would be if stayed home screwing with us?